Physical Education: A Fundamental Requirement Toward Graduation

Caption: P.E. student, Michelle Chang, gets ready for the next badminton serve. [by Pablo Solis Andrade]

by Pablo Solis Andrade (Warrior Post Reporter / São Paulo, Brazil)

Some students take physical education (P.E.) to earn an easy grade.  Some students take P.E. because it is a fun class.  Regardless of whether or not it is an easy grade, or if it is a fun class, physical education is a fundamental requirement in order to graduate from high school.  

The Pan American Christian Academy (PACA) has offered P.E. classes since it first became a school because it follows the American curriculum. 

For many students as PACA, choosing the P.E. class is for the purpose of adding a fun and exciting class to their schedule.  At the same time, it is important to note that all students need to earn at least 1.0 credit of P.E. as part of their graduation requirements from PACA. 

Regardless of the level of ease offered by this class, P.E. is more than just a fun class that includes a 45 minute break from all the sitting and writing that you would normally do in other classes. 

According to freshman Leonardo Tamashiro from the ninth grade, physical education is the best selection for him among the eight period elective classes.  

“It’s very cool,” said Tamashiro. “I love PE. It’s probably the best class by far.”

P.E. also has different types of activities included throughout the semester of learning.  The students in P.E. will participate in sports such as swimming, group sports and personal functional fitness.

The functional fitness element has been added recently which introduces students to the gym in which they can improve stamina strength.  This class is being taught by Renato Souza, a P.E. teacher and the athletic director at PACA.

For freshman Matias Darino, there were many factors that contributed to his choice of an eighth period elective. 

“When I chose physical education, I took into consideration my mental and physical health,” Darino said. “I was originally in Yearbook, but I wanted to improve my body by working out while it was being fun.”

Physical Education PE offers a variety of ways to exercise.The 8th period P.E. teacher, Mrs. Eliana Castanho, has a lot of experience since she teaches both elementary and secondary classes.   

“In physical education, we work on various topics such as futsal, volleyball,  track and field and different types of games,” says Castanho.

There has also been another new class added to the physical education program called Functional Gymnastics. 

Mrs Castanho says that “functional Gymnastics is based on a daily basis such as sitting, standing, pushing, and pulling…using your body’s weight. It strengthens your muscles and  reduces fat to improve flexibility, coordination, balance and endurance.”

According to Castanho it is a great way to get in shape, overall. 

Caption: P.E. teacher, Mrs. Castanho, shows her students how to wait for the birdie. [by Pablo Solis Andrade]

The P.E. class is offered each semester to high school students and is among several elective choices for the final period of the school day. The sports being taught during first semester P.E. include: Futsal, Track and field, Volleyball, Gymnastics and Games. The sports being taught during second semester P.E. include: Swimming, Basketball, Soccer and Badminton.