The high school Jiu-Jitsu class brings a new option for PE credit to PACA

Caption: Sean Cho and Aiden Stormer get ready to spar as they face each other during jiu jitsu class. [by Théo Silva]

By Théo Seiji Silva (Warrior Post Reporter / São Paulo, Brazil)

Did you know that PE isn’t the only way to gain sports credit in PACA? There are other methods such as taking the functional fitness class and participating in the after school sports program at PACA (basketball, soccer and cheerleading.) 

This year, a new option was added to the list of options, which is the elective class known as Jiu-Jitsu.

Starting this school year, PACA offers Jiu Jitsu as an elective to students who want to earn their P.E. credit during the sixth period class time.

Mr. Josh Stockment, the secondary principal at PACA, explained that Jiu-Jistu was first suggested to be added to the class offerings in order to add more ways for students to earn sports credit, because there were some students who were required to stay away from art courses they were genuinely interested in because they had to do a required P.E course during that same class period. 

At some point near the end of last school year, Stockment decided to work with Renato Souza, the athletic director, to add this new class at a different and possibly better time in the school schedule.  By moving Jiu Jitsu to sixth period, it increased the choices for students in both sixth and eighth period sessions..

The Jiu-Jitsu Class only has two students for its initial semester at PACA.  These students are freshman Sean Cho and Sophomore Aiden Stormer. Athletic Director, Sousa, teaches this class.

Cho chose to take this class because he saw it as “an amazing opportunity” for learning the martial arts being taught in the class.  Cho also described what Jiu-Jistu can look like during a fight. 

“It’s like the human version of chess where you can put yourself in an attacking or defending position which will affect the outcome of the fight in the end,” Cho said.  

Caption: Sean Cho and Aiden Stormer try to use signature BJJ moves to gain control in this exercise. [by Théo Silva]

For Cho, Jiu-Jistu is really good for all aspects in life, helping you think while stressed, make friends during sparring matches, and also  helps one to become physically stronger. 

Stormer also had some things to say about the class.

“I think Jiu-Jistu i s a sport that can be applied to your everyday life because in Jiu-Jistu, you are constantly learning from your mistakes and improving,” said Stormer.  “It has been a very humbling experience for me since this is the first time I have ever done it. I’m really enjoying the class.”

He also said that basically by training with someone, you can learn about them and form a new relationship with them.