Speech students Demonstrate Their Skills for Elementary Students

Caption: Zach Hayashi is playing with his new origami, after learning with Théo Silva. [Esther de Lima]

by Esther H. de Lima (Warrior Post Reporter / São Paulo, Brazil)

On Thursday, October 5, second and third students listened to speeches given by high school students from sixth period Speech class as they presented a demonstration of a craft or fun activity for the students to replicate.  

While the third grade class was learning how to put on clown makeup, the second grade class was learning how to make origami.

“The presentation was really fun,” said Nina Lima, a second grade student.  

Her class had the opportunity to learn how to make a new origami crafts with freshman Théo Silva as their teacher. 

“The thing that I liked the most was to learn a new thing,”said Lima.

Silva was set up with the second grade class, because the second grade teacher, Ms. Barbara Assis, was planning on teaching her students a unit on Japanese history and culture.  

Assis was interested in having a student demonstrate the art of origami, which originates from Japan. Speech student, Silva, was quick to sign up for this opportunity. For him, the project also helped him to remember his childhood and what could make those kids happy.

“I chose this topic for my speech because it was something that I already knew,” said Silva.

Théo also said that it was a great opportunity for him, and the best part was seeing their smiles while playing with their new origami crafts.

Caption: Juliana Oliveira posing for the picture with her new craft. [Esther H. de Lima]

The third grade students learned how to quickly get ready for an appointment as a clown with freshman Sarah Kim. The focus of her speech was the comedic element in looking as silly as possible.

“The best part of the presentation was when I dipped my hair with water and put lipstick all over my face,” said Kim.

Besides being funny, Sarah’s speech also reminded her of her childhood. She said that it was very common for her to get ready for appointments by herself when she was little. She.would put on her favorite princess dress, and makeup all over her face.

The idea behind allowing high school speech students to make their presentations in front of an elementary audience came together when the third teacher, Ms. Jill Arthur, wanted to collaborate with Dr. Meier and her speech class students. 

According to the third teacher, when PACA had speech class, the students would share a speech with the elementary students.

“The speech was a fun way for the high school students to present what they have been learning,” said Dr. Cristina Meier.  “It was also an extra-credit opportunity.”

The project inspired the elementary students while teaching them something new, and it was a success for both students and teachers.

“From looking at the pictures and receiving feedback from other teachers, I can agree that the speeches were a success,” said Meier.

According to Meier, there will still be opportunities for further collaboration before the second quarter is over.